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Articles publiés dans “In english”

The huge impact of virtual reality

La Rédaction 0

Temps de lecture estimé : 2 minutes Since the invention of virtual reality companies such as Oculus and Samsung have jumped on the opportunity to turn it into a way to make as much money as possible, using it as an excellent way to sell video games and other products such as fully immersive films, which is…

Some stuff about Brexit

Tristan Verrier 0

Temps de lecture estimé : 2 minutes On the 23rd of June 2016, a referendum was organized. The subject of it was whether to leave the European Union or to stay in it. The leave party won with 51.9% of votes and the remain party lost by 48.1%. Brexit had begun. After having done some research on…

What is the « Exchanges » project?

Rachel Pamart 0

Temps de lecture estimé : 1 minute Not long ago, and for the 3rd consecutive year, there was a meeting between the 1S class of the Confolens’ high school and a handful of English volunteers from the town. These volunteers, most of whom have heard about the project from the Confolens Cultural Social Centre (where French courses…